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We are the Mico-Bio-Atmosphere group, an interdisciplinary lab based in the Technion, Haifa. We are interested in investigating different microbial communities under various changes in environmental conditions. By analyzing both lab-exposed and field-collected microorganisms, we try to characterize the changes in microbial composition, functionality, and health effects using cell labeling and analyses, molecular biology tools, and immunological assays.


Freshwater Allergens

The unsolved question of Allergy of the Freshwater environment...

Tara Aerobiom Biogeodiversity

The interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere raise questions on the microbial fluxes in between these two environments...


Airborne Microbes over Urban Environment

An interdisciplinary study on the microbial composition of the atmospheric particulate matter (<10 μm), sampled in Northwest Turkey, and their relations with the chemical composition, and different environmental factors...


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